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APT Presentations

APT Presentations works with independent producers to manage the national public television distribution of programs offered through the APT Exchange service. Its experienced staff oversees each step of the distribution process, providing producers with guidance and advice to maximize program carriage and impact.

From program development to submission, evaluation of funders and satellite uplink to marketing and PR strategies, APT Presentations coordinates and manages all services required for the successful distribution of programs to U.S. public television.

APT Presentations credits include: America's Test Kitchen, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home, Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen, Newsline, Great Museums, P. Allen Smith's Garden to Table, Kimchi Chronicles, Music Voyager, New Scandinavian Cooking, Spain on the Road Again, AfroPop, Pacific Heartbeat.

For more information, contact:

Judy Barlow
Vice President, Business Development

Thomas Davison
Director, Business Development

See below for a full list of services available through APT Presentations.
  • Provide consultation regarding distribution to the public television system, advise on best practices to achieve maximum carriage, coordinate all in-house services for distribution of the program
  • Assume responsibility for editorial oversight and adherence to APT funding guidelines
  • Coordinate communications to the public television via the PBS e-mail system
  • Advise on related merchandise for pledge use, on-air offers, retail, and direct mail distribution
  • Offer preferred sponsorship opportunities at annual on-site screening (APT Fall Marketplace)
  • Provide underwriter support letters
  • Advise on sponsorships and promotion opportunities at public television industry meetings
  • Advise on station relations, outreach, public relations services, provide referrals to consultants
  • Advise on ancillary distribution opportunities, including international, non-theatrical and home video
  • Screening and evaluation of submitted program material
  • Evaluation and approval of funders
  • Formal presentation and offer of the program to station program managers
  • Offer materials include program and episode descriptions, rights information, list of funders and ancillary product information. The formal presentation to programmers is via satellite teleconference or on-site screening and includes a personal introduction and explanation of the program and a 4-6 minute video clip
  • Review underwriting credits for compliance with ptv guidelines and confirm acceptance
  • Review product offer tags for compliance with ptv guidelines and confirm acceptance
  • Review website mentions for compliance with ptv guidelines and confirm acceptance
  • Screen content of each episode for compliance with ptv guidelines
  • Satellite feed of a complete program or episode for programmers to preview after formal offer
  • Distribute program and promo via HD or SD satellite feed to the public television system
  • Distribute program and episodic promos to stations via shipments of HD & SD bicycle tapes throughout contract period
  • Provide technical guidance on promo and product offer production
  • Provide referrals for captioning vendors and post-production facilities
  • Create and distribute electronic press kit (EPK) to stations for promotional use:
    Program Description
    Fact sheet
    Press release
    Episode descriptions (as applicable)
    Other items as applicable: Awards, host biography, guest biographies, etc.
  • Post EPK to program catalog page at for station, press and viewer access
  • Include program listing in program catalog at
  • Feature program in the APT monthly programming newsletter Tuned In
  • Feature program on
  • Provide link to program website from
  • Create and distribute an e-card to stations to announce the official release of the program. Card is sent to Program Managers and PI Directors with a direct link to the program catalog page at
  • Distribute program press materials to TV listings services
  • Serve as liaison with station publicists for duration of license period
  • Coordinate with outside publicity and public relations vendors for consumer promotion
  • Distribute ancillary product information to licensees
  • Report on station voting results after offer of program
  • Provide US Coverage Report based on voting results, indicating amount of country covered by licensees voting “yes” and “maybe”
  • Provide access to carriage reporting, viewer demographics and other carriage data for first year of license period
  • Provide assistance in analyzing carriage and ratings data
Suppliers can select additional services from the expanded portfolio listed below. Prices are quoted by project.
  • Identifying and contracting with freelance personnel for specialized producer needs
  • Consultation on ancillary domestic/international sales, home video marketing and fulfillment, publishing
  • Event producing services for public television industry or station events
  • Special event planning (station visits, pledge scheduling)
  • Advising on creative and content
  • Media relations campaign design & management including appropriate national and major market media
  • Web and social media exposure and linkage
  • Ad design and placement – print and/or on-line
  • Design and distribution of digital tool kit-video, banners, e-cards
  • Full press kit including custom design folders, press release writing, photography selection and reproduction
  • Station relations campaign design & management
  • National carriage access after first year (separate contract required)
  • Customized audience demographic & research information and reports
  • Target mail and phone contacts to designated or major markets
  • Preparation and distribution of pledge materials
  • Follow-up narratives on program (advertising, pledge, viewer feedback)
  • Production of on-air promos
  • Creation of program pledge versions
  • In-depth satellite previews
  • Captioning coordination
  • Full technical evaluations
  • Consulting services
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