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Talkin’ Trivia With Rubes sponsored by WETA Station Relations
Learn interesting and crazy facts about your fellow programming colleagues Details>>
Opening Remarks / Keynote Interview: Dr. Anthony Fauci Interviewed by Joan Lunden, Host of Second Opinion, on "Science and Public Health"
Station Leaders' & Programmers' Professional Development Session 4: Steve McGowan's Annual Report: "2020 Vision: The Media Landscape is Looking Blurry" sponsored by Create
How has the pandemic impacted viewership and what trends are here to stay? Details>>
Programmer Professional Development Session 1: TRAC Media's Annual Ratings Summit: "This is How We Do It: Research-Based Scheduling" sponsored by NHK WORLD-JAPAN
Join us to look at a number of scheduling case studies. Details>>
Producer Professional Development Session 2: Global Sales of Your Content
Learn what you need to know to sell your content around the world. Details>>
Live Music Performance -- Irish Tenor Paddy Homan performs songs from I Am Ireland
Hear traditional Irish tenor Paddy Homan sing his favorite songs live. Details>>
Live Social Event - Articulate That Tune
Join Articulate host Jim Cotter and acclaimed violinist and composer Daniel Hope for a live interactive Name That Tune-style quiz show. Details>>
Programmer Professional Development Session 2: Myers' ProTrack: Best Practices and Rights Management Tips sponsored by Second Opinion with Joan Lunden
Station Leader Professional Development Session 3: New Digital Techniques to Grow Station Audiences and Revenue sponsored by WORLD
Join Q Catalyst’s Jason Seiken and Alexis Rapo for ways stations can execute faster and smarter to engage audiences and drive membership growth across digital platforms. Details>>
Wellness Break - Cooking Class with Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street
Learn how to whip up chick peas with your own custom spice blend – all with ingredients you already have on hand! Details>>
Wellness Break - Stretch sponsored by Classical Stretch by Essentrics
Join Miranda Esmonde-White from the comfort of your own home for a 10-minute stretch workout! Details>>
Wellness Break - Yoga in Practice with Stacey Millner-Collins
Join master instructor Stacey Millner-Collins for a 10-minute COVID-era online yoga break. Details>>
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